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25 Years of Cleanroom  services

Cleanroom services for sterile & disinfected environments

Our Cleanroom Services

Explore our comprehensive cleanroom services at Kzat Aheret, carefully developed to meet the standards of EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO-14644-1. We ensure top-tier cleaning, disinfection, and compliance for your critical environments, covering all Annex 1 ranges from Grade D to Grade A, and ISO 14644-1 classes from Class 8 to Class 1, guaranteeing the highest precision to the highest levels of cleanliness, and disinfection.


Our services are tailored to a variety of industries 







Microelectroncs & chipset


About us

With over 25 years of specialized experience, we are committed to excellence in cleanroom services, ensuring unique expertise and precision. Our industry knowledge and dedicated approach allow us to deliver solutions that meet the critical demands of highly regulated environments. 

Certified workforce

A certified and proficient workforce, with engineer support as needed to handle the unique challenges of cleanroom environments

Always Available

24/7 service availability, with an on-call team ready for urgent and weekend support, ensuring seamless operation. This allows your team to focus on core tasks without maintenance distractions during business hours.

Assured Quality Supervision

Dedicated supervision to assure the quality and reliability of our cleanroom services. Our supervisors utilize  oversight protocols to ensure every aspect of our operations complies with  the highest industry standards.

Services For all business sizes

Customized services to meet specific client needs, supporting startups and established companies in industries where compliance and precision are critical. We will work closely with your cleanroom manager and quality assurance team to ensure your compliance

Among our satisfied customers

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