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Accessibility Statement

The accessibility adjustments on the website or landing page of some other

On this website/landing page, accessibility adjustments have been made in accordance with the Israeli standard (TI 5568) and content accessibility

The level of adjustments made on the site was tested using the most common browsers
In order to make the website accessible to people with disabilities, several actions were taken, including:
Use clear titles.

Use appropriate visual contrast between the color of the text and the color of the background.
The website structure is convenient and simple to use and operate.

Adjustments made on the site for surfers using screen reader software
Use of detailed and clear page titles in accordance with the information contained therein.
Use of simple and clear language on all website pages.

A slightly different company Solutions believes that the rights of people with disabilities and the commitment of society in Israel to these rights are based on the recognition of the principle of equality, and the rights of people with limitations alongside the rights of property and creation and the desire to do business without burdensome and difficult regulations and bureaucracies.

Special changes and adjustments have been made to this website using Wix's technology. The website/landing page has passed the Wix accessibility wizard test and is suitable for the needs of our customers and website surfers.

However, it is important to note that you may find certain elements that are not fully accessible or are in the process of being made accessible to people with disabilities.

Have you come across a component that is not accessible on the site? If you have encountered a problem, please contact us and we promise to check and improve it as soon as possible and of course to provide you with the best service in a fast, personal way and according to your satisfaction.

Inquiries about accessibility:
For further inquiries, questions, or special requests regarding website accessibility, you can contact us:

Name: Susan Barr
Mobile phone 972-52-3805110
Contact email

Our office is available for you 24 hours by phone 972-3-5114570
The accessibility statement was updated 5.5.24

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